ECCT - Electronically Cranked Coil Tester
Test and Adjust Ford or K-W Model T Coils with Ease and Precision

ECCT Features

 The ECCT is unique because it permits coil point adjustment by measuring the actual dwell time to fire rather than just approximating firing time using coil current.  Each coil can be precisely adjusted to fire with the same dwell time to minimize coil to coil (cylinder to cylinder) ignition timing variation to achieve optimal engine performance.  The ECCT also tests the internal capacitor (Condenser) for proper value and leakage to ensure maximum point life and optimum coil performance.


  • Capacitor/Condenser Test
    • Capacitor Value from 0.05uF to 1.0uF
    • Capacitor/Condenser Test
  • Coil Test
    • Dwell Time to Fire (Deg @ 1K RPM)
  • Multi-Spark Coil Firing Consistency Test
    •  Coil Timing Variation at 2000 RPM
  • Optional Magneto Test Function
    • Magnetic Field Strength

Optional Advanced Features Software (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10)

  • Numerical Values and Graphical Displays of Test Parameters
  • Capacitor/Condenser Test Parameters
    • Capacitor Value from 0.05uF to 1.0uF
    • Leakage Resistance up to 50 Meg Ohms
  • Coil Test Parameters
    • Coil Primary Inductance (mH)
    • Firing Current (A)
    • Spark Energy (mJ)
    • Dwell Time to Fire (ms)
  • Multi-Spark Coil Test
    •  Coil Timing Variation at Programmable Engine Speed From 375 to 5000 RPM 
  • Magneto Test* Parameters
    • Engine RPM
    • Magneto RMS Output Voltage Under Load and No Load Conditions
    • Magneto Internal Source Resistance (including Mag post contact resistance)
    • Magnetic Field Strength    


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