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Performance Reviews From ECCT Users

Here is what ECCT users have to say about the ECCT and ECCT adjusted coils


“ I have had one of Mikes ECCT's for some time. I also own a HCCT and a Strobo. I have been rebuilding coils for a little less than 10 years. I am on my second 60 pound keg of roof steep and am into my 500th set of points. There is a hill which I travel quite often with our Center door, Roadster, and TT. It is only a few miles from home and I need to head over it to go to many spots. It is what I call a step hill. It is a long hill, but it goes up and plateaus, goes up and plateaus again. It does this 4 times to the summit. With each of the above mentioned vehicles, it usually requires some speed before the base of the hill and some reserve for the top, to crest the summit with HCCT or Strobo adjusted coils in it. This past weekend, I put in a set of my ECCT adjusted coils in the car and off we went. The car ran smoother, had more pep, and moved along well. As I approached the hill, I didn't accelerate like normal. I left the throttle at half and moved up the hill. I never touched it the whole way up. The car moved up the hill with ease, it did slow up as I was about 3/4 of the way up, but it pulled the hill never really lugging down as far, like before. “


Andy Loso, St. Joseph, MN   9/22/2015

“Hi Mike,

I have had your ECCT now for a few days.   I have NO prior experience with the Model T coil.  What I have learned in such a short time is simply amazing.  The ECCT has allowed me to accurately adjust and balance and diagnose the coils quickly and easily, unbelievable!  I have saved 3 coils from the shelve and will be putting them to use come spring.  I have also rebuilt my first coil using the ECCT including replacing the capacitor and points.  After some tapping and prying, the result displayed on the ECCT showed the coil excellent in all aspects.  This is a first for me and because of the ECCT a novice can diagnose and repair his own coils like a professional.  I have 3 coils good to go which will help pay for the purchase of the ECCT.  I’m more than impressed and satisfied on my purchase of your product.  Thank you for making such a handy and user friendly tool for our hobby.   I also want to thank you for providing the instructions which I found to be easy to read and understand even if you aren’t an electrical engineer.  Purchasing your product has been a very wonderful experience and the right decision for me.  Thank you !!”

 Don Booth,  Bay City, MI  2/6/2017


“I have rebuilt approximately 65 coils and adjusted them for folks using the ECCT.  All were happy, no complaints or returns.  I can assure you that all claims regarding your coil tester have be validated.  All those who see it in action from here marvel at its capability.  I am absolutely delighted with the ECCT and am happy I purchased it.   I especially am glad I ordered the software package as well. “

Ben Wasman, Florida   12/1/2015

“Mike, just wanted share my experience with the ECCT. All I have to say is that you make an awesome product!! I had 6 coils rebuilt in about an hour and a half meeting point setup and your tool made it so easy and so accurate, keep up the good work. You are an asset to this hobby and guys like you will keep this going into the future generations!”

John Bevardos, Santa Monica, CA   12/16/2015


“I got my 26 Touring running yesterday with my four ECCT tuned coils.  I was able to get the four coils up to Excellent.  I noticed that my Touring performed better.  I was able to achieve above 40 mph much easier than before.”

Anthony J. Marino,  Space City T’s, Houston, TX  6/3/16

“Hi Mike, I put my ECCT adjusted coils in my car and it ran and sounded great.  My Dad said he had never seen the spark be so good.  The Magneto test also showed ‘Good’; Thank you for the ECCT and your help!”

Will Merrill,  Saint Johnsbury, VT  


“I received the ECCT when I needed it, and it works great. I had already read the online instructions so I was ready to go when it arrived. Checked all of my coils and got 8 of them into the good-to-excellent range for the dwell time to fire.   The engine runs much smoother. Of the 4 coils I had in the car the dwell of 2 were poor and 2 were good. Now all 4 are excellent. I immediately noticed the improvement in the smoothness.”
Dennis McGlone, Wilmington, DE  7/18/2016

“I wanted to say how happy I am about how the ECCT works.  I used the standalone ECCT without the software to test my coils and adjust without double sparking and it made a huge difference in the way the engine ran. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow!  The motor would not run over approx. 1200 RPM previously , it would "break up" badly at that point . Once the coils were adjusted it would run up to 2000 RPM without any sign of a problem. I am very happy with the ECCT and would recommend it to anyone needing  this type of tool.”

Bob Deats, Cinnaminson, NJ  9/21/16


“My ECCT came in today's mail. After reading the instructions and watching the demo videos, I pulled the coils out of my car that I purchased rebuilt and set up on a HCCT by an experienced T business a few years ago. My car has been running great for three years on these coils, including three OCF's, and a couple hundred miles per summer. It pulls okay at low speed, and I have GPS checked it to 47 MPH. All four coils tested on the ECCT were at the end of the scale for dwell time to fire, and three of them were double sparking. After 20 minutes of coil tinkering at the kitchen table, I had them all tuned. The ECCT is very simple to use even without the software, and the instructions are great. After the test drive,  I am pleased with the ECCT. Our car is running much smoother than it ever has. The idle is much more even, it sounds more like a modern engine. As an ASE certified mechanic with 30 years of experience, it was noticeable as soon as it fired up. I didn't think a T was supposed to run this good.”

 Ed Baudoux - Grayling, Michigan, 11/8/16


“ I have 10 Model T's and driven them extensively for twenty years, including the 4400 mile New York to Seattle tour in 2009, two national tours in New Zealand 10 national tours in the USA and countless other tour events .  For years I rebuilt coils and did tune-up work with a hand cranked coil tester (HCCT) and had reasonable results with that.  So I have 80 coils in service (an equal number warm a shelf for future use).  You can imagine I have developed a good sense of how these coils work in my cars and every time I restored coils or put a set in a car, I take the car out to my "test hill" about a mile from my home in Wisconsin and see how it does.  A exceptional car will accelerate some going up this hill, a good car will hold it's speed and I consider it unsatisfactory if the car loses speed on this hill.   This is based on dozens and dozens of trips up that hill so I do have a feel for how these cars behave. 

I am aware of the issues with using an HCCT so when I became aware of the ECCT, I bought one.  My first test with the ECCT was with a set of coils in my '17 Depot Hack.  I simply removed the coils, tuned them with the ECCT and took the car for a run on my test hill.  As soon as I started that engine I knew things had changed since the engine was noticeably smoother and quieter than that to which I was accustomed.  My first drive on the test hill was an eye-opener.  The car felt better, smoother.  I think it was somewhat faster, but without some hard data, that would not be hard to quantify.  What does show up is the smoothness of the engine.  I am used to observing what I call "drop outs" where a cylinder doesn't fire or fires early or late and you can feel a hesitation in the engine.  This stuff was all gone and I began to see that the ECCT does a better job than the HCCT.  This has been confirmed many times since.  

I have retuned all 80 coils with the ECCT and done dozens for friends.   My observations have been the same as that first experience and I became a convert to using the ECCT.  I am in Florida for the winter and, yes, the (100 pound?) HCCT is in the garage in Wisconsin and the ECCT made the trip south with me.  There is a need in the central Florida area for local coil testing so I think I will be doing a lot with it.  The ease of use of the ECCT along with the graphical data available with the laptop program allows me to rate this device as one of the significant innovations I have seen in my twenty year involvement with the Model T hobby.  I encourage others who have an interest to learn more about the device and, if appropriate, purchase one. “


 Steve Boyd, Wisconsin, 12/2016


     After tuning 16 coils, I have finally had the chance to see the results.  Both of my Ts run noticeably better now.  Start up and idle are much better.  My '23 was a very good runner to begin , so I did not expect to see improvement.  Yet it is better.   The coils from my '26 car checked out poorly, and after tuning became excellent.   That car is now a very sweet running machine. 

 Tuning the coils with the ECCT took a bit of practice.  After doing 8-10 I started getting the hang of it.  Was then able to get each coil to rate "excellent".  So I went back through the coils I'd done earlier and got them to "excellent".  Very enjoyable experience and I am a very happy customer.  Thanks for a great product !”

Mark Bush, Carleton, MI; 5/2017


Click here  to read a comprehensive review of the ECCT written by John Hunter, Electrical Engineer and fellow Model T enthusiast in Australia.  John designed his own Model T coil tester based on the dwell time to fire method.


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