ECCT - Electronically Cranked Coil Tester
Test and Adjust Ford or K-W Model T Coils with Ease and Precision

ECCT Demonstration Videos

                        How to Use the ECCT
            Learn by Watching These Videos


        Using the ECCT to Test and Adjust Model T Coils
    The ECCT was designed for standalone use in the shop or on tour.  It provides simple yet accurate capacitor testing and coil point alignment with the push of a button. Mobile users can view the video by clicking here.


                                Capacitor Test Scenarios

     The ECCT capacitor test results may register poor even with new capacitors due to alternate leakage paths.  This video shows how to isolate where the leakage is coming from. Mobile users can view the video by clicking here.


     Add Graphical and Numerical Display of Data on a PC
         with the Optional Advanced Features Software

     The Advanced Features Software option provides numerical values of test parameters and graphical display of coil firing consistency that makes coil adjusting much easier.  The software also allows the user to change the number of coil firings and the simulated engine speed up to 5000 RPM to fine tune coils for the ultimate in engine performance for competition sensitive events with sustained engine speeds of between 2000 and 3000 RPM is not unusual.  Mobile users can view the video by clicking here.


        Optional Magneto Test Function Demonstration

     The ECCT magneto test function is a standalone option that permits the ECCT to test the Model T magneto output is sufficient to properly operate coils.  When paired with the optional Advanced Features Software as in this video demonstration, it makes a powerful engine diagnostic tool that provides real time engine RPM indication and magneto voltage output under no load and load.  Mobile users can view the video by clicking here.


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