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The Ideal Timer for your
ECCT adjusted coils provides the best Model T engine performance possible with properly adjusted ECCT coils.  The Ideal Timer "I-Timer" is a direct, drop in replacement for the stock mechanical timer that provides precisely synchronized coil activation, never needs maintenance and never wears out.  Start on battery and run on Magneto or battery without contact skip, wiper bounce, contact wear or contact arcing.

      ECCT adjusted coils + Ideal Timer = Best Engine Performance Possible!

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     The Electronically Cranked Coil Tester (ECCT) has earned the distinction as the new standard for testing Model T coils from experienced users impressed with resulting engine performance.  Designed to test and adjust 1913-1927 Ford and K-W coils, the ECCT is a precision electronic instrument capable of aligning coil points with ease and precision unachievable with previous tools and methods.  The venerable HCCT used coil current as an indirect approximation of coil dwell time to fire spark because there was no accurate way to measure and display dwell time to fire back in the day.  That's not the case today! 

     Engine performance depends on ignition timing not coil current so ECCT coil adjustment is done by accurately  measuring coil dwell time to fire spark, not coil current.  Each coil can be precisely adjusted to fire a single hot spark with equal dwell time to fire.  This guarantees no double sparking and minimizes coil to coil (cylinder to cylinder) timing variation to achieve optimal engine performance.  There simply is no reason to settle for approximate current based adjusting techniques today like the HCCT to adjust Model T coils.

     The ECCT also tests the internal capacitor (Condenser) for proper value and leakage to ensure maximum point life and optimum coil performance.  The ECCT comes with AC power supply (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz), PC interface cable and Magneto test cable.  Weighing less than a pound, the ECCT is portable and easy to store unlike the 125lb. HCCT that it replaces and eliminates the risk of hernia an foot fracture too.

     The available Magneto test option enables the ECCT to test Magneto output is sufficient to properly operate coils.  The ECCT is a stand alone tool that does not require PC hook up.  However, test results can be displayed numerically and graphically on a PC or Laptop with the optional Advanced Features Software which makes coil adjusting easier.  The software also permits the user to change the coil firing rate from 375 to 5000 RPM and number of sparks fired from 2 to 250 to fine tune coils for the ultimate engine performance.  A written summary of each coil test result is provided along with suggestions on how to improve coil performance which is very helpful to beginners just learning how to adjust coil points.  Be sure to visit the user review page.

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        ECCT Price List
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The lowest cost Model T coil/capacitor tester available today
ECCT – Coil/Capacitor Tester w/AC PS and cables     $299.95

Combination Package 1 (Saves $50)
ECCT with Magneto Test Option  (No Software)        $399.95

Combination Package 2 (Saves $50)
ECCT with PC Software Option  (No Magneto Test)  $399.95

ECCT Introductory Package (Saves $100)
ECCT with Magneto Test AND PC Software options   $499.95

Add Magneto Test Option after ECCT purchase        $149.95

Add PC Software Option after ECCT purchase           $149.95

Aluminum Carrying Case for the ECCT                                        $24.95

New 3 in 1 Coil Adjusting Tool                                                      $19.95

Rechargeable Battery Pack for portable operation            $14.95

Battery Charger                                                                             $19.95

12V Car Adapter                                                                        $14.95

International Orders Are Welcome but Requires Special Processing.
Please E-Mail Your Order to: for details


Magneto Test Graphical User Interface (GUI)
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NEW 3 in 1 Coil Adjusting Tool Now Available!


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ECCT Downloads

Click Here to Read About How the ECCT Project Got Started

Click Here to Read About How ECCT Performance was Measured (TDAS)

Click Here to Download the ECCT Instruction Manual

Click Here to Download the ECCT Advanced Features Software Installation Instructions

Click Here to Download "The Double Spark Doctrine Paradox" article

ECCT Software Drivers

ECCT Software drivers will typically load automatically when you connect the ECCT to a computer with an internet connection and power up the ECCT.  Software drivers are also provided on the Advanced Features Software CD in the VCP Drivers directory

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